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PT.Semangat Sukses Medika - Jual Tempat Tidur Pasien dan Inkubator Bayi

Hospital Furniture

Selling cheap hospital furnitureHospital furniture is all furniture products needed by hospitals. There are various kinds of hospital furniture products including: Patient Beds, Children's Beds, Check Room Partitions, Medical Stretches, Instrument Tables and other furniture. PT Semangat Sukses Medika is the most comprehensive hospital furniture supplier in Indonesia, the hospital furniture that we sell is a quality product and the price of hospital furniture that we offer is relatively cheaper than the market.The products we sell include:  - Patient's bed  - baby incubator  - laboratory table  - Operating table  - Stainless table  - Medical trolley  - Trolu laundry  - Fume hood  - Patient waiting chairs
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